salt scrub + soak

salt scrub + soak


dead sea salt | bergamot | lemongrass

350g 11.11 oz.


this product smells amazing !!  a 3-in-1 you it can be used in the shower as a scrub, as it to a warm bath or use it as a foot soak to rest after a long day


filled with high quality detoxifying + health promoting ingredients, this beautiful invigorating body scrub refreshes the senses + smoothes + softens the skin while stimulating the lymphatic system to promote healthy circulation + help eliminate toxins.


    dead sea salt is famous for its unique mineral composition . harvested from the dead sea (between Jordan, Israel + Palestine) it offers amazing benefits to the body via the skin + assists in stimulating circulation + detoxifying.  ILA + AVA is proud to use this incredible authentic product direct from the source as the health promoting base of this scrub.  using dead sea salt assists your body in eliminating toxins, while absorbing the minerals + nutrients transdermally (through the skin) for the body to use directly where they are needed.  


    coconut oil is well renowned for its moisturising + anti-bacterial + anti-fungal properties


    the glycolic acid found in cane sugar is a great natural exfoliator providing a softening sensation while deeply cleansing the skin


    magnesium chloride (much higher grade than Epsom salts), is a macro-mineral meaning the body needs high amounts of it. its very important + plays a huge role in many of the bodys’ functions. transdermal (through the skin) supplementation is much easier absorbed than taken orally with no digestive upset


    with it’s high antioxidant content, organic Australian green tea extract minimizes cellular stress to improve skin complexion


    organic Australian pomegranate extract is renowned to assist with collagen production due to its punicic acid, found in the fruits seeds. this acid boasts as a strong free radical scavenger, boosting the repair + restoration of the skin


    the refreshing + invigorating blend of essentials oils (using lemongrass as the main oil) cleanses the body + mind, while naturally stimulating circulation of blood + lymph


    dried edible flowers of pink rose, calendula + safflower are added for their distinct colours + shapes + for their therapeutic calming + softening qualities.


    NB: please note, yellow clay is not in this product, macadamia oil is the 3rd ingredient (from highest to lowest quantity) + this products contents weighs 315g. these are printing errors on the label.


    use in the shower.  please be extra careful as this packaging is made of glass + will break if dropped.


    wet skin, apply small amounts of 'invigorate body buffer' to the body using a cupped hand + moving in circular motions for best results.  use the scrub on the whole body (excluding the face), then rinse of + gently pat dry.


    lasts 4-5 uses.


    dead sea salt, **macadamia oil, ^cane sugar, *coconut oil, magnesium chloride, **kakadu plum extract, **green tea extract, **pomegranate extract, essential oils: lemongrass, bergamot, cypress, ^mandarin, rosemary, fennel

    ^Australian **Australian + organic