restore night oil

restore night oil


rosehip | argan | macadamia    

47ml  1.59 fl.oz.


-  restore your skin while you sleep  -

this rich, deeply restorative night oil is packed with high quality botanicals to gently nourish, rebalance + feed your skin while you sleep


    macadamia oil is amazing! the ultimate oil for skin care, the macadamia is native to Australia.  it follows closely to jojobas characteristics of mimicking the skins natural sebum. it penetrates quickly + deeply leaving the skin feeling soft, hydrated + non-greasy


    organic jojoba is the closest oil to the skins sebum production giving it its remarkable moisturizing benefits. containing many fatty acids, vitamins + powerful antioxidants. gentle + non-irritating qualities are great for all skin types


    organic rosehip oil helps repair + regenerate skin due to its high essential fatty acid content. with skin brightening + anti-aging properties, this natural source of vitamin C helps improve + restore skin appearance + tone


    organic argan oil naturally boosts skin. hydrating + softening it’s a great natural moisturizer


    Australian sweet almond oil has gentle cleansing properties + helps improve skin complexion with high amounts of vitamins, minerals, + monounsaturated fatty acids


    neroli is regenerating + rejuvenating maintaining moisture levels + balancing the skins natural oils.  rosemary assists in protecting from free radical damage, while lavender + Australian roman chamomile soothe the skin + the mind for a restful nights beauty sleep


    apply a small amount to your clean, dry face + neck, moving from the centre line upwards + outwards.  include around the eyes avoiding direct contact.  use at night before sleep for skin restorative benefits while resting. 


    use the 'bamboo cleansing cloth' daily to naturally gently clean + buff the skin + remove makeup + impurities then follow with 'restore night oil'.  1-2x per week use the 'radiance face polish' in place of the 'bamboo cleansing cloth' for a deeper clean + to help freshen your complexion.  follow with the 'restore night oil' for best results.


    **macadamia oil, *jojoba oil, *rosehip oil, *argan oil, ^sweet almond oil, essential oils: *lavender, rosemary, neroli, ^roman chamomile

    ^Australian *organic **Australian organic