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restore face oil ILA and AVA organic skincare green clean beauty

restore face oil


jojoba | rosehip | argan

47ml 1.59 fl.oz


This gorgeous oil is the ‘lighter version’ of the original ‘restore night oil’, also designed for night time use.  Can be used as a serum, face oil and cleansing oil.  See 'How to Use' below for a Face Cleanse 'gamechanger' !  Beautiful soft silky face oil for restoring your skin and balancing its hydration and natural oils.  Non-greasy this oil is easy to use for a natural healthy glow and healing. 



    **  Face Cleanse 'gamechanger' ?

    First wet your face with warm water.  Add a few drops of either of the ILA + AVA face oils to your fingertips and massage together then rub onto your face and neck moving in circular motions. 

    Wet the bamboo cleansing cloth under hot water. With the cloth open steam your face by gently pressing the cloth into your skin. Then gently rub the cloth in circular motions on your face and neck.  Add a few drops of either of the ILA + AVA face oils to your palms, rub together and press into your face and neck, then gently smooth out for soft, super clean, glowing skin.  Enjoy !



    As a serum press a few drops into your palms, rub them together to warm the oil then press onto your clean face.


    As a face oil use the same approach as for the 'serum' above then massage the oil into your face and smooth.


    Same beautiful scent and same combination of organic oils, although excluding macadamia and almond oil, which are still in the 'restore night oil'.


    This delicately rich oil blend absorbs easily and is designed for those who aren’t as prone to dry or mature skin.  Use morning or night to assist in cellular regeneration, a smooth complexion and even skin tone. deeply nourishing and restorative.


    Nb. the ‘restore face oil’ can be easily substituted for the ‘restore night oil’ in the essentials kit. just specify which you’d prefer when placing your order.



    *jojoba oil, *rosehip oil, *argan oil, essential oils: *lavender, rosemary, neroli, ^roman chamomile

    ^Australian *organic **Australian organic

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