refresh deo balm

refresh deo balm


wild sage | bergamot | lemongrass    

50g  1.76 oz.


- easy to apply, great smell, and it works!! -

this easy to apply plant derived vegan deodorant balm utilises the natural properties of base + essential oils to prevent odour causing bacteria.  aiding in healthy detoxing while not blocking sweat glands + compromising the lymphatic system, this deo balm has a refreshing gender neutral scent for everyday use.  (bicarb free to prevent  irritation)


    organic Australian macadamia oil is regarded as a drier oil.  due to its strong penetrative attributes, it sinks into the skin well without feeling greasy. high in monounsaturated fatty acids, including omega 9, its strong moisturizing, softening + regenerating qualities are matched with its anti-inflammatory benefits.  due to its phenolic compounds, macadamia oil also has strong anti-bacterial + antifungal properties.


    magnesium hydroxide is formed when magnesium chloride in the sea water is reacted with lime (calcium oxide) to form the Mg2+ and OH- ions, which then precipitate into magnesium hydroxide salt. with many internal uses as an antacid + laxative, here it is used for its water drawing function to aid in healthy but more controlled sweating


    coconut oil is used in this deo balm for its antibacterial (mainly due to the lauric acid content) + antifungal properties


    kaolin clay has many detoxifying + cleansing benefits like most clays.  it is added here also due to its absorban