radiance face polish

radiance face polish


papaya | walnut shell | pink clay

80g 2.80 oz.


2-in-1 product : face scrub + face mask


a luxe face polish that helps soften, smooth + tighten the skin while it cleanses + detoxifies for a radiant glow. a cross between a face mask + face scrub this beautifully soft polish powder combines the benefits of both worlds


** walnut shell is a finely ground gentle abrasive that assists with exfoliation. gentle pressure when using is suggested.


use 1-2 x per week


    pink clay has amazing benefits especially for sensitive skin. with its gentle nature it has a light texture with deep restorative properties to aid regeneration of skin cells.  this beautiful soft clay is sourced from France, a region highly regarded for its high quality pink clay.


    Australian yellow clay is a powerful cleanser which helps draw out impurities from the skin


    finely ground walnut shell is a beautiful natural exfoliant, helping to smooth skin + remove dead cells for a clear complexion


    Australian beige clay contains several essential minerals providing amazing detoxifying properties while  assisting the other two clays for broader skin benefits


    papaya’s enzymes help rejuvenate the skin by removing dead cells while cleansing to clear skin impurities. its vitamin C content helps protect + hydrate for glowing skin


    organic marshmallow root powder is considered a natural skin care wonder, containing a high percentage of mucilage (viscous or gelatinous solution from plant) it provides intense hydrating, softening + balancing properties. marshmallow root hydrates the skin while improving its function of retaining moisture


    gently wet your face.  into a cupped palm add a 20-50 cent coin size amount of 'radiance face polish' with a small amount of water to form a thickish paste.  gently rub the paste onto your damp face + neck in circular motions avoiding your eye area.  leave for 1-2 minutes then wash off + pat dry.  to use as a mask follow the same directions and allow to dry before washing off.

    it is easiest to use this product in the shower. please be careful as the packaging is made of glass.

    for best results use the 'radiance face polish' at night (only 1-2 times per week) followed by the 'restore night oil'.

    nb: patch test before use.


    pink clay, walnut shell, ^yellow clay, ^beige clay, papaya powder, *marshmallow root powder

    ^Australian *organic