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organic herbal teas ILA and AVA skincare NOURISHED TEMPLE

organic herbal tea blends


Hand blended 100% certified organic loose leaf tea range created by the ILA + AVA founder, Miriam Drescher, for Nourished Temple - her Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic.


7 different combinations lovingly created for taste and to support body, mind and soul.  Each blend is 40 serves - packed in a biodegradable resealable ziplock pouches or in glass jars with air tight gold metal lids.



    Add 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of boiling water

    Steep for 3-7 minutes depending on your desired strength and taste



    1. GLOW energise + skin

    lemongrass, ginger, lemon myrtle, calendula, hibiscus

    90g 40 serves


    2. DIGEST soothe + strengthen

    ginger, licorice root, lemon balm, orange peel, fennel

    130g 40 serves


    3. CALM relax + unwind

    chamomile, rose, lavender, lemon verbena, blue cornflower

    38g 40 serves



    5. CLEANSE refine + restore

    roast dandelion root, nettle leaf, licorice root, calendula, blue cornflower

    95g 40 serves


    6. IMMUNE boost + protect

    lemongrass, siberian ginseng, lemon verbena, echinacea, sage leaf

    55g 40 serves




    raspberry leaf, rosehip, nettle leaf, chamomile, lemon balm  40 serves



    Disclaimer: Please note, these teas are not designed to treat or medicate specific health concerns.  Check with your healthcare professional before consuming this tea range and before or during pregnancy.