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Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium Oil Spray


100 ml spray bottle.


45% magnesium chloride often more easily absorbed through the skin than taken orally magnesium oil is a thin liquid applied to the skin.


Naturally occuring Magnesium Chloride has shown to achieve higher bio-availability than the many other forms of magnesium.


Known as the 'beauty metal', topical application (transdermal) provides fast acting, high potency therapeutic benefits, as the natural pH of the skin offers the ideal environment for mangesium chlorides' complete ionisation.


As one of the most vital minerals in the body, mangesium boosts almost all aspects of cell physiology, with particular importance on the healthy functioning of the nerves, muscles, heart and kidneys.


*** This product is a liquid (not an oil) - this style of magnesium liquid is referred to as magnesium oil.




    As per label.

    Use daily or as needed.

    Avoid contact with eyes and face, open skin and after shaving.

    Only for topical use - not to be taken internally.

    If reaction occurs stop use.


    NB: A tingly and/or sticky sensation may occur and will usually subside quickly. The nature of magnesium chloride is salty so will leave a little residue sensation.

    Use within 12 months of opening.

    Store away from direct sunlight.

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