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jyoti perfume oil ILA and AVA skincare natural perfume oils

jyoti perfume oil


Earthy + herbaceous


A sense of softness yet element of strength


Jyoti: meaning light in Sanskrit (ancient Indian text)

Pronounced: 'gee - oh - tee'



** It is so important to use only natural perfumes and deodorants to avoid unnecessary toxin exposure.  Using chemical and synthetic main stream versions of these products can have negative health affects on all of our body systems in particular our nervous, endocrine (hormone) and lymphatic systems and also our emotions and mental health.


I describe it as earthy and herbaceous, with a softness yet element of strength.  It makes me feel in touch with 'me' and 'clear'.  I'm so curious to hear your experience when you use it so please make sure to let me know.




    ** sweet almond oil, essential oils: clary sage, petitgrain, patchouli, *frankincense, *lavender, cedarwood, ^roman chamomile.

    twig of wild lavender in the bottle

    ^Australian   *organic   **Australian organic


    Apply to wrists, neck, nail cuticles or to palms and press into damp hair ends.


    When applying to wrists just press the wrists together - don't rub - pressing will help gently disperse the oils and help it to have a strong scent for longer.


    Store out of direct sunlight.

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