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Jade Beauty Tools ILA and AVA organic skincare green beauty

jade beauty tools


Brighten, tighten and tone, improve your complexion and have glowing skin using these jade stone beauty tools.


How To video for using your Gua Sha tool


NB: the current stock of jade beauty rollers is a deep dark green colour



Real jade stone high quality beauty tools


Jade gua sha tool for face and body

Jade beauty roller for face and neck


Full information cards and instructions included


** Please note colours of each beauty tool vary as each is individual and has its own tones of colour and markings.  Currently the Jade Beauty Tools are quite a dark green.



  • Why Jade Stone

    True jade stone can be distinguished by the many variations of colour tones in the stone, the heaviness and its lustre. The stone naturally stays cold during use which helps restrict dilation of the vessels while simultaneously stimulating tissue circulation. Unfortunately there are countless fake variations out there and even more people posing to know about gua sha.


    A big part of traditional East Asian culture is maintaining balance, duality and harmonizing opposites. For thousands of years Jade has been the most highly regarded stone in China, valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection.


    Referred to as the dream stone, jade is believed to assist us to gain insight, encourage creativity and help us access the spiritual world. Assisting to keep things in check and offering support for both our careers and personal life, jade is prized for its protective qualities, and is also used for good luck and friendship.


    This stone signifies wisdom and a sense of peace, assisting in dispelling negative patterns to reveal our true self. Jade stone brings prosperity and abundance into our lives. The vibrant green shades symbolize growth and vitality and represent wealth and longevity. Jade is also regarded as the stone of eternal youth, due to its natural beauty enhancing properties.


    As green resonates with the heart chakra, jade stone can be utilized to restore and promote healing of emotional and physical imbalances of the heart, and encourages harmony between the mind, body + spirit.


    Chinese Medicine green is the colour of the wood element, corresponding to the liver and gallbladder organs. We consider the liver to be like a commander of all the lifeforce (qi) in the body, while this organ also contributes to blood circulation and distribution (e.g. to muscles when moving, uterus during menstruation, digestive organs when eating) and detoxing substances entering or being created as a by product by the body. The gall bladder, its partner, is responsible for holding and releasing bile to add digestion of fats and enables clear decision-making. A calm and balanced wood element allows us to move in ‘flow’ in all aspects of life.



  • Benefits of Gua Sha

    Benefits of gua sha for the face

    • tones, lifts and firms skin
    • reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes, dark eye circles and large pores
    • stimulates circulation and cellular regeneration
    • enhances lymph flow and assists in clearing
    • relaxes the face and neck muscles to allow more free flow of nutrients and waste removal


    Benefits of gua sha for the body

    • assists in circulating blood, lymph, body fluids and life force (qi)
    • helps break up muscle tissue contractions and connective tissue imbalances (cellulite)
    • aids in relaxing the nervous system to benefit emotional wellbeing, sleep, concentration and digestion
    • boosts immunity
    • helps regulate the acupuncture channels
    • helps reduce inflammation




    Using gua sha or the jade roller after botox, facial injections or fillers is not suggested and should be discussed with your clinician. Avoid using either of the jade stone tools on areas of acne or open skin until the area has adequately healed. The information for your jade stone beauty tool is designed as a guide only as a general self care ritual and not to treat, diagnose or alter any medical or skin conditions.



    The techniques I have included for you here, are a general maintenance therapy only with more focus on the lymphatic system, and are not designed to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.  Please be aware that there is a lot of information online, especially via video, of people demonstrating gua sha who do not have training and understanding in acupuncture channel theory.  Using gua sha without this understanding and out of the scope of the information provided here can be detrimental to your wellbeing.

  • Benefits of Jade Rolling

    Benefits of using a jade roller

    • tones, lifts and firms skin
    • reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes, dark eye circles and large pores
    • stimulates circulation and cellular reg