Essentials Kit ILA and AVA organic skincare green beauty

I + A essentials kit


Ready to switch to green and clean skincare made simple ?!


This is an easy starter pack, with products like the cream and mist being topped up and the other products lasting longer.


For soft, smooth, even skin tone and brighter glowing skin this organic vegan skincare range has been designed to make your skincare ritual super simple but with all the benefits.  Less products, less ingredients, less fuss.


The essentials .... all you need valued at $228 this kit has everything you need for a daily luxe and minimalist skin routine with all the benefits.


the ILA + AVA essentials kit includes:


1 x 50ml nourish face cream

1 x 47ml restore night or face oil

1 x 10g enrich lip balm

1 x 100ml hydrate toner mist

1 x 80g radiance face polish

1 x bamboo cleansing cloth (highest quality + durability 26 x 26cm)

1 x handmade hemp cosmetic bag (L: 21 cm H: 17cm W: 9cm) (at base - narrows towards top)