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Hydrate Toner Mist  ILA and AVA organic skincare green beauty

hydrate toner mist


pomegranate | kakadu plum | witch hazel    

100ml  3.38 fl.oz.


- hydrate and tone on the go - handy spray bottle -


A formulation of organic and Australian  botanicals, this pure face mist helps to tighten, refresh and tone the skin.



*** Using with your Jade Beauty Tools

Onto your clean face (see cleansing options under both the 'Face Oils', 'Radiance Face Polish' and 'Bamboo Cleansing Cloth') spray the 'Hydrate Toner Mist' then apply a few drops of your prefered ILA + AVA face oil.  Then use the Jade Beauty Tools as suggested.




    Organic rose hydrosol, the aromatic water of roses, as a natural toner stimulates the skins blood flow, and balances and restores the pH to tighten the pores.   It hydrates, rejuvenates, softens and calms the skin.


    Organic geranium hydrosol naturally balances and hydrates by drawing moisture to the skin and is used to balance the floral qualities of rose.


    Kakadu plum, a native Australian fruit, has a long list of skin benefits.   As one of the highest sources of vitamin C (55+ x higher than an orange) its great for firming skin and helping with a natural glow.   Used topically it protects the dermis from degradation while stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid to help reduce wrinkles, protect against UV damage and improve skin texture.   It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties which strongly increase collagen synthesis, reduce hyper pigmentation and enhance skin radiance and resilience.


    Organic Australian pomegranate extract is renowned to assist with collagen production due to its punicic acid, found in the fruits seeds.   This acid boasts as a strong free radical scavenger, boosting the repair and restoration of the skin.   It is packed with antioxidants to help the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while assisting skin regeneration and preventing hyper-pigmentation.


    Natures toner, organic witch hazel is antibacterial, reduces skin redness and assists in restoring a radiant fresh complexion.


    This organic Australian green tea extract is high in antioxidants to improve skin appearance and combat aging from free radical cell damage.





    Spray 'hydrate toner mist' onto washed face and neck.   Use daily in conjunction with the 'nourish face cream' or to refresh and hydrate as needed throughout the day.   Can also be used to hydrate the hair.




    *rose hydrosol, *geranium hydrosol, **kakadu plum extract, **pomegranate extract, *witch hazel extract, **green tea extract,

    ^Australian *organic **Australian + organic

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