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hemp beauty bag ILA and AVA natural skincare green beauty

hemp beauty bag


100% hemp outer | cotton inner | seagrass twine | unpolished jade stone


These beautiful durable hemp cosmetic bags are designed by ILA + AVA then hand crafted specifically for our skincare range.


Made from incredible hemp, the cosmetic bag is the perfect size to fit the ILA + AVA essentials plus your makeup and toothbrush for travelling abroad or weekend getaways.   Created to be versatile, use it as a clutch or go-to bag for whatever time of day or occasion.




    100% hemp outer | cotton inner | seagrass twine | unpolished jade stone


    L: 21 cm   H: 17cm   W: 9cm (at base - narrows towards top)


    hemp is a wonder plant. all aspects of it have incredible properties + many uses. here hemp is chosen for its environmentally sustainable benefits, for its coastal natural fibre look, strength + durability. no herbicides or pesticides are required thanks to its natural fungus + insect resistance. hemp requires little to no irrigation, unlike cotton, as it accesses subsoil water with its deep tap roots. it also blocks 50% more UV rays than cotton, protecting the

    ILA + AVA products.


    jade stone can help us to discover our divine inner truth while allowing us to let go of negative patterns holding us back from our true potential. it possesses healing qualities through its powerful connection to the heart chakra to promote harmony between the mind, body + spirit. jade stone brings prosperity + abundance into our lives. the vibrant green shades of jade symbolize growth + vitality, which also represent wealth + longevity. known as the stone of eternal youth, for its natural beauty enhancing properties, this particular cut of jade was chosen for its raw look + beautiful unpolished finish to match the environmentally conscious frosted glass packaging of the ILA + AVA range.


    Created to be versatile, use it as your daily make-up bag, weekender or getaway cosmetic bag, dressy clutch or easy go-to for any occasion.


    If needed the bag can be hand washed + dried flat

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