enrich lip balm

enrich lip balm


coconut | peppermint | candelilla    

10g  0.35 oz.


a richly nourishing + softening lip balm made with naturally moisturising oils + Mexican plant wax, combined with refreshing organic peppermint essential oil to gently stimulate the lip tissue to create a subtle plumping + naturally dewy look


    coconut oil is naturally moisturising due to its high fatty oil properties, while also having strong antibacterial qualities, mainly due to the lauric acid content.  it is a great oil for creating a soft + smooth balm consistency


    Australian sweet almond oil provides gentle cleansing + softening qualities, while penetrating deeper into the lips to provide full moisturising effects


    candelilla wax – the vegan alternative to beeswax is derived from the small shrub native to northern Mexico.  its leaves are boiled to obtain the wax, to provide the glossy + lubricating properties


    vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin providing natural healing, antioxidant + moisturising qualities.  its high antioxidant properties support new cell growth + cell regeneration. ILA + AVA use a GMO free product in the ‘enrich lip balm’ where it is most suitable due to its thicker consistency.


    organic peppermint oil is used here to freshen + soften while naturally stimulating the lip tissue to create a subtle plumping + naturally dewy look



    apply a small amount to clean dry lips as needed. 

    ** a small amount of 'enrich lip balm' can be used on the very outer aspect of eyelashes for a na