botanical perfume oil

botanical perfume oil


uplifting | soft | clarity

10ml 0.34 fl.oz.


a selection of high quality essential oils from around the world. each chosen for its unique individual properties, beautiful scent + its benefits when combined in this delicate blend.


uplifting, calming + clearing, this combination of oils heightens the senses + provides clarity while carrying a soft feminine scent. different tones of this blend are naturally heightened with each individual wearer.


    Australian sweet almond is used as the carrier oil in this delicate blend for its low scent and deeply penetrating properties.


    as essential oils tend to disperse quicker than chemically manufactured perfumes, organic + palm free vegetable glycerin is added to assist in holding the scents on the skin for longer.


    champaca ‘magnolia champaca’

    this incredible flower produces an amazing fragrant oil offering a sensual rich floral with slightly fruity scent. it is a natural remedy for tension, stress, vertigo + headaches + is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. champaca promotes relaxation + happiness. considered to be one of the best natural remedies for depression, this flowers oil is one of the highest priced oils in the world.


    ylang ylang ‘cananga odorata’

    used extensively in perfumery + aromatherapy, it has been used for centuries in ceremonies. its sweet, rich + spicy aroma reduces stress + tension + promotes positivity


    bergamot ‘citrus bergamia’

    the zesty scent helps to calm + refresh. ILA + AVA uses a ‘bergaptene free’ bergamot essential oil, meaning there is no sun sensitivity (which is common for all citrus essential oils).


    roman chamomile ‘chamaemelum nobile’

    not just a pretty flower, chamomile boasts numerous health benefits. ILA + AVA uses a high quality Australian essential oil for its calming scent + soothing properties. used to fight anxiety + depression, reduce insomnia, boost skin health, support digestive health, promote heart health, alleviate PMS symptoms, act as a natural allergy reliever + help relieve arthritic pain, chamomile is a wonderous plant.


    rosemary ‘rosmarinus officinalis’