Why You Need a Bamboo Cloth in Your Life

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

B A M B O O  is a wonder plant. ⠀⠀ It's one of those miracles gifted from mama nature. It uses much less water than other crops like cotton as it grows through a running root system, it can be harvested over and over again, from the same plant, it is strong like steel (they use it for scaffolding and supports when pouring concrete on multi level buildings - in many Asian countries) yet it is also extremely soft like silk.

Bamboo is antimicrobial meaning it kills or suppresses the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms - hence why it also doesn’t require much interference like pesticides when growing as it has its own in-built in. Good for the earth and good for us! It was actually my beautiful parents who planted the seed of creating a cloth as a cleanser. I chose them well! ⠀⠀  

I refer to it as the other cleanser (and better one) ....  as you just need to add water! Yup, you read right, just water. Plus other traditional cleansers are often soap based (some even have alcohol in them which is super drying) - and have so many weird named ingredients that just aren't good for us inside - or our skin on the outside.

I've heard from countless people who have countless stories of how so many cleansers they've used have led to dry skin and crazy breakouts. And I'm not surprised. Just think of what soap does to our hands when we wash them - or when we are washing dishes ..... it breaks the fat / oil particles to degrease. Although our skin - especially our face, can get pretty icky, particularly after a long day, we still need to be gentle and protect our natural oils. They're there to keep our skin safe - and balanced. Most cleansers can disrupt this natural oil balance by stripping them and also change and imbalance our pH of our skin - which also disrupts bacteria - the good ones that are all over our skin (and in our body) to protect us and ensure everything is in proper working order and happy.

I hand sew (and cut!! - it's a big job haha) these beautiful cloths myself, and I love each one I make because I love the way my skin feels with using them - yes I use mine every day!, and I love that it just doesn't get any easier than this while also protecting mama nature. To use just wet under warm water and use circular motions - medium pressure, to move all over your skin, even your lips, then move under your chin, along your neck and behind your ears. Rinse out (first check how dirty the cloth is !!! I always love seeing how much grime comes off) then hang to dry using the little tag I sew on with love. I suggest using your cloth 1-2 days then washing with whites on hot. There are single cloths and 3 packs so you can have some ready for back up each day. I occasionally use my cloth in the morning too - with cooler water and lighter pressure. Just play around and see what suits you best.

In the morning I follow with the 'nourish face cream' and at night I use the 'restore face oil' (the lighter version - there is a richer version / the original 'restore night oil' available too!). I even use it on my body to freshen up during the day or just before bed!


 super soft 

- great for all skin types even sensitive skin

- it's soft like silk


 very strong fibers 

- naturally help to buff and cleanse the skin without stripping the natural oils or changing the pH of the skin

- it's strong like steel (as mentioned they use it for structural building)


 green footprint 

- reusable (machine washable)

- only water is needed for this style of cleansing = no toxins on your skin or into our waterways

- bamboo uses less water to grow than other harvested textile crops

- bamboo is a sustainable crop

- the same plant can be harvested over and over which reduces land clearing and replanting

- bamboo takes in more CO2 than other tress 



- stays odor free after use

- prevents bacterial growth on skin when re-using 

These are just some of the reasons I have chosen to add this beautiful plant fibre to the range. Are you are bamboo fan beautiful ? And have you noticed the difference in your skins glow and tone since converting to a cloth for a cleanser? If you're ready to simplify your beauty routine and want great skin you can find the cloth here.

With love,

Miriam x

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