The Meaning - and Importance - of ILA + AVA

I chose these two words for many reasons and after lots (and lots!) of thought.  I was hoping to fit all my values and what I wanted these words to stand for into one clean, soft and elegant name.


So, are these my daughters names? Nope, although they would make for beautiful ones. ILA means ‘the earth’ in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian text), as yoga and other Indian traditions (even just the way the country is a a mix of colourful peaceful yet intense chaos) are important parts of my life, and AVA means ‘the living one’ in Latin - representing our western world.


This also signifies my background in Chinese medicine using eastern knowledge for modern western wellness.  Together the words ‘the earth and the living one’ highlight our connection to everything.  We are just one part of this world - here to co-exist. I think this is so important to be reminded of - and remember constantly. We can take things for granted, like the incredible support mama nature gifts us everyday and we can too easily forget that we each have a role to play in protecting her for future generations. Leaving a minimal footprint.

I worked really hard to keep this a minimalist range - from the packaging to the ingredients list to the final shipping materials. Less is definately more (in most cases) and I believe having a few beautiful and natural products to use on our body and face is what we need. Too much confusion and our skin (and internal body) just gets confused. Plus having some key botanicals that are powerful yet gentle is the way to happy glowing skin.

If you'd like to learn more about the background of my values and the products you can find it here.

I truly hope you enjoy the ILA + AVA range as much as i enjoy using it myself + enjoy creating it to share the love. May all beings be happy.

With love,

Miriam xx 

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