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Self Massage and Protecting Your Skins Natural Oils

Updated: Jan 9

Our skin is our outer barrier, connecting us to our outside world. A little inside scoop from ILA + AVA organic skincare. Clean skincare made simple.

Coming into the drier months we want to incorporate a few different steps into our self care routine to help protect our skins natural oils from the elements - including from our good friend *water*. ⠀⠀ Who doesn’t love a hot shower?!!  They are amazing especially when it gets cooler, but long showers, too many or when they’re too hot can actually dry out our skin - plus make us feel a little drained.  Aim for shorter showers then finish with cooler water to help close the pores and slow down our internal heat being released.  ⠀⠀

Also try oiling your body before showering - this is a great way to improve circulation, help lymph move, calm your nervous system, moisturise your skin AND create a connection with you!  It allows a few minutes to see what’s really going on with your physical body - plus you can practice gratitude for ALL the amazing parts of your body while doing this. In Ayurvedic practices (Indian Medicine) this massage is called Abhyanga, and is usually performed with a warm medicated herbal oil.

You can use a simple coconut oil (or sesame if you are prone to feeling the cold easily), you can even warm either of these oils up a little. Move over all parts of your body, getting into and around all the joints, tendons and bones. Move up from the bottom of your feet, into your groin, over butt and thighs spending more time here for deeper fascia and lymph movement. Move over your belly tuning into which direction feels best (clockwise or anti) (tip if your bowels move slower and are harder to pass move clockwise, if you're prone to looser more frequent stools then move anti clockwise). Then move from your hands to your chest - then belly then to heart - massaging your breasts to finish.

To benefit a little lifting (who doesn’t want more of that!) you can move in circle motions above the nipples and pectorial muscles from the outside in - so your right hand will be moving in clockwise circles and your left in anti clockwise.  This is great to move energy and stuck emotions from this area too - which is really common!  ⠀⠀ Don’t forget to massage your face too!! I use my finger tips then my jade roller and gua sha tool for this to help tighten, tone, stimulate collagen, clear wastes and improve circulation.  You can find them online under ‘jade beauty tools’. ⠀⠀

After your body oil massage or no oil used ......

Shower time: using soap only on the areas with sweat glands - underarms and groin region, means we can still feel beautifully silky and moisturised but also clean, all while protecting our skin from drying out. ⠀⠀ Just pat yourself dry (instead of rubbing) with a towel and you’re done! ⠀⠀

Let me know how you go with this, or if you have any other self care rituals you do to protect your skins natural oils.

With love,

Miriam x

ILA + AVA organic skincare

'Organic skincare for natural beauty'

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