Deodorants, and your health!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Deodorants are amazing!! They allow us to confidently move throughout our day, but we do need to be aware of what deodorant product we use, the ingredients in it and how it is actually affecting our body.

A deodorant stops the ‘bad odour’ while an antiperspirant stops ‘sweating’. We never want to stop the body from naturally sweating so always opt for a deodorant over an antiperspirant. If you tend to sweat a lot especially without exertion or at night this is an imbalance in the body which can be easily treated with Chinese Medicine.

We have several lymph nodes located under our arms. These are part of our lymphatic system which works tirelessly to filter body fluids and remove wastes. Antiperspirants usually contain Aluminium which is terrible for our health and as it blocks the sweating process it affects our lymphatic system. Also, with breast tissue being so close to this area (both men + women) we don’t want anything to be blocked or affecting natural flow.

Body odour (or b.o.) occurs when bacteria breaks down our sweat into different acids. The trick to a good deodorant is that it should contain high amounts if antibacterial ingredients to combat this while also supporting gentle sweating to allow for the natural detoxification process.

Be weary of natural deodorants with ‘bicarb’ in them as many people can experience irritation which may not always happen straight away.

I know several people who don’t like the idea of using their fingers to apply a deodorant but actually this is a beautiful and easy way to gently massage our lymph nodes under our armpits.

Opting for natural and organic deodorants is always better for you and the planet and there is no need for chemicals to make these products work well. In the ingredients list, if you can’t pronounce it, if it’s a very long word or it has numbers it’s usually not good for you. Get familiar with what ingredients really are - in your skincare products and your foods. Aerosol sprays are detrimental to our health and the ozone so opting for glass or metal packaging for deodorants (and other beauty) is definately better.

I hope this sheds some light on the humble deo balm and can guide you well 🙏🏻

M x

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