ALMOND OIL (see sweet almond)



'argania spinosa'

native to morocco, the oil or ‘liquid gold’ is extracted from the kernals of the argan tree.  high in essential fatty acids + vitamin e, it is sought after for its skin moisturizing + softening qualities.  it is also a beautiful addition to hair care products with deep conditioning properties adding shine + manageability.  due to its very specific small growing areas, argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world.  it is found in ILA + AVA’s ‘nourish face cream’, ‘glow body oil’ + ‘restore night oil’ + 'restore face oil'.  * organic used



technically not a root but rather an underground root system, this nutritionally dense starch is extracted from several rhizomes of the Marantaceae family of plants.  used for thousands of years in primitive cultures for its traditional healing properties, today arrowroot is more commonly used in the kitchen.  as a naturally gluten free white powder it is a common replacement for the now genetically modified cornstarch, used as a thickener.  ILA + AVA uses an ‘aluminium free’ arrowroot powder sourced from Thailand, in the ‘refresh deo balm’ to help bind the finished product into an easy to use consistency + help draw + absorb moisture. *aluminium free used




‘citrus bergamia’

this refreshing scented fruit is the bergamot orange. part of the citrus family, it is close to the same size as a regular orange although more yellow + with a slight pear shape.  the name comes from ‘bergamum’ a town in Italy where the fruit is widely produced.   the oil is extracted from the rind + commonly used in earl grey tea + within the perfume industry.  the zesty scent helps to calm + refresh, + when applied to skin has skin purifying qualities.   considered a natural cleanser, bergamot oil helps remove dirt + impurities + helps unclog pores, while balancing oily skin.  sourced from italy, ILA + AVA uses a ‘bergaptene free’ bergamot essential oil, meaning there is no sun sensitivity (which is common for all citrus essential oils).  it is used by ILA + AVA for its refreshing calming scent, found in the ‘salt scrub + soak’, ‘refresh deo  balm’ + ‘botanical perfume oil’.




candelilla wax – the vegan alternative to beeswax, is derived from the small shrub native to northern mexico.  its leaves are boiled to obtain the wax, to provide the glossy + lubricating properties.  ILA + AVA uses candelilla wax in the ‘enrich lip balm’.  its incredible properties give the lips a subtle dewy gloss, while plumping + keeping them soft + lubricated for longer.  lips don’t become dependent like with other lip balms.



‘calendula officinalis’

rich in beta-carotene, this beautiful golden orange flower is known for its anti-inflammatory + healing properties.  as a stimulant, softener + freshner this flower is used for soothing + softening all skin types, as well as for inflammations, rashes, eczema, chapping + psoriasis.  the use of extracts made from this plant assist the stimulation + formation of new tissue, while giving the skin a natural soothing summer glow.  ILA + AVA uses an organic Australian oil extract in organic cold pressed sunflower oil, found in the ‘glow body oil’.  * organic calendula infused in organic cold pressed sunflower oil, ** Australian


CHAMOMILE (see roman chamomile)



‘magnolia champaca’ (formerly known as michelia champaca)

this incredible flower produces an amazing fragrant oil offering a sensual rich floral with slightly fruity scent.  it is a natural remedy for tension, stress, vertigo + headaches + is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac.  champaca promotes relaxation + happiness.  considered to be one of the best natural remedies for depression, this flowers oil is one of the highest priced oils in the world and can be found in the 'botanical perfume oil' + the 'cleanse and smooth radiance body polish'. 



‘salvia sclarea’

considered a tonic for the mind, body + soul, this essential oil has a multitude of positive properties.  a perennial herb with grey velvety heart shaped leaves, with violet pink pale blue flowers, it is native to the Mediterranean region, although is now cultivated in various regions around the world.  in skin care the addition of clary sage oil assists in toning the skin due to its mild astringent properties, regulates sebum production + assisting in reducing inflammation linked to acne breakouts, while its natural anti-microbial qualities assist the whole formulations.  its herby fresh scent can balance mind + spirit.  ILA + AVA uses a Bulgarian sourced clary sage oil found in the ‘glow body oil’ + ‘botanical perfume oil’.



there are many varying types + colours of clays found in all corners of the world.  each clay colour offers different skin nutrient healing properties, and pertain to different skin types + skin conditions.  below are the clays that are found in the ILA + AVA range, chosen for their benefits not just on their own but when used in conjunction with our formulations.



from Australia, this clay is great for gently exfoliating, cleansing + toning the skin. it strengthens the connective tissues, stimulates blood circulation + draws out toxins, while nourishing, feeding + hydrating skin.  it doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight.  found in the ILA + AVA ‘radiance face polish’ + 'soften and soothe radiance body polish'.



this Australian sourced clay contains several essential minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, + others).  in combination these allow the beige clay to have its amazing detoxifying properties, assisting blood + lymph circulation.  eliminating toxins from the skin, clean, fresh, hydrated + energized skin is noticed.  this clay is found in the ILA + AVA ‘radiance face polish’ + the 'soften and soothe radiance body polish'.



this clay is sourced from France.  French pink clay has been highly regarded for a long time as an excellent natural product for balancing stressed + sensitive skin.  with its mild nature it helps improve overall skin texture with skin firming properties.  although Australian sourced pink clay is currently very popular, unfortunately due to its rapid use ILA + AVA has been informed that the clay mine is alarmingly already empty, highlighting the need for more protection of Australian resources to keep these natural treasures sustainable for futures to come.  the pink clay used by ILA + AVA is used in combination with the other clay products in the ‘radiance face polish’ to provide a wider range of skin benefits.



has many benefits like most clays, however ILA + AVA uses kaolin clay for its absorbant properties + its pure white colour in the ‘refresh deo balm’.



‘syzygium aromaticum’

this very spicy, warm + woody essential oil contains powerful antioxidant properties.  commonly used in foods, clove oil is produced from the flower bud + plants stem or leaves via steam distillation.  ILA + AVA uses clove oil sourced from Indonesia in the ‘refresh deo balm’ for its potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal + antibacterial properties. 

* organic used



‘cocos nucifera’

there was the big coconut oil hype which saw us using it for everything + anything not that long ago.  after much reviewing, testing + research ILA + AVA decided there are several other plant derived oils which are much more beneficial + therapeutic for skin health.  coconut oil tends to sit on the skin surface + doesn’t penetrate as well as other oils, and as a result can block pores + disrupt the natural oil balance of the skin.  as such coconut oil is only used by ILA + AVA for its antibacterial (mainly due to the lauric acid content) + antifungal properties for the ILA + AVA ‘refresh deo balm’ + 'salt scrub + soak’, + in the ‘enrich lip balm’ for its high fatty oil properties.  * organic used



‘cupressus sempervirens’

derived from the branches of its tall evergreen tree, cypress oil is steam distilled.  with an endless list of healing properties, its clean fresh aroma promotes vitality + energy.  topical use not only invigorates the senses but helps the body remove excess water + salt to promote healthier fluid metabolism, while it stimulates circulation by gently invigorating blood flow.  It is used topically to treat cellulite, varicose veins, while its energizing + refreshingly clean aroma stimulates the emotions assisting in times of transition.  ILA + AVA uses a beautiful cypress oil from France, in the ‘refresh deo balm’ + the ‘salt scrub + soak'.




famous for its unique mineral composition, dead sea salt is harvested from the dead sea (between Jordan, Israel + Palestine).  it offers amazing benefits to the body via the skin + assists in stimulating circulation + detoxifying when used in scrubs or soaks.  using dead sea salt assists your body in eliminating toxins, while absorbing the minerals and nutrients transdermally (through the skin) for the body to use directly where they are needed.  ILA + AVA is proud to use this amazing product in the ‘salt scrub + soak’ + the 'mineral foot soak'.



emulsifying wax is a product used to assist the combination of oil + water.  traditionally it is created when a wax material (either vegetable or petroleum based) is treated with a detergent.  it is very alarming to research this product + its hidden labeling tactics.  ILA + AVA uses OliveM 1000.  an ECOCERT certified organic emulsifying wax produced in italy, made purely from olives.  * organic used




‘foeniculum vulgare’

with its sweet + earthy anise-like aroma, fennel essential oil is steam distilled from the crushed seeds of the plant.  this leafy herb is originally from southern Europe + parts of Asia although now can be found all over the world.  its rich aoma encourages a feeling of groundedness, perfect for calming the senses.  ILA + AVA includes in the 'salt scrub + soak' fennel oil for its lymphatic stimulation to help cellulite + improve circulation. 




'pelargonium graveolens'

traditionally used by the Egyptians for its skin beautifying properties, geranium essential oil is now commonly used to reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety, treat acne + balance hormones.  applied topically it promotes healthy glowing skin + hair, while its sweet floral aroma uplifts the mood, promotes emotional wellness + lessens fatigue.  ILA + AVA uses an African grown geranium oil, found in the ‘nourish face cream’, ‘glow body oil’ + ‘botanical perfume oil’.  * organic used



with its beautiful delicate scent it is great in skincare.  it is also perfect for varying skin types, balancing the skin + acting as a humectant to draw moisture to wonderfully hydrate.  extremely uplifting + balancing for the emotional body too.  ILA + AVA uses an organic preservative free geranium hydrosol in the ‘hydrate toner mist’.  * organic used



‘citrus paradisi’

also known as citrus seed extract, this is a liquid extract derived from the seeds, white membranes + pulp of grapefruit.  added as a natural preservative, we use this pure product in our emulsions to make creams in the ILA + AVA product range.



‘camellia sinensis’

with it’s high antioxidant content, this leaf extract minimizes cellular stress to improve skin complexion.   this is due to its strict havesting times + production processes differing from other teas which involve a withering + oxidation process.  most of the polyphenols found in green tea are known as ‘catechins’.  these are natural antioxidants which are reknowned for their anti-inflammatory + anticancer agents.  antioxidants are considered our most powerful weapon in the anti-aging battle.  these fight signs of premature aging, wrinkles, sun damage + encourage cellular healing.  although traditionally originating from china, its production + manufacture is now throughout asia + other countries.  ILA + AVA uses an organic Australian green tea extract with natural preservatives, found in the ‘hydrate toner mist’, ‘nourish face cream’ + ‘salt scrub + soak’.  ** organic + Australian used




also known as the ‘botox plant’, this flower extract helps with age spots + encourages a fresher, younger + smoother looking complexion.  its naturally occurring acids assist in purifying the skin through breaking down dead skin cells + stimulating cell turnover, which also benefits the control of acne breakouts.  ILA + AVA uses an organic hibiscus flower extract, in natural preservative, found in the ‘nourish face cream’.  * organic used






‘jasminum officinale’

this exotic white flower creates a seductive + gentle floral scent.  with countless emotional body enhancing properties, is has been used for hundreds of years in parts of Asia to naturally remedy depression + anxiety, + combat emotional stress, low libido (considered an aphrodisiac) + insomnia.  research suggests its positive effects are due to its subtle workings on the nervous system.  when penetrating through the skin when used in beauty products, jasmine oil helps moisturize, soothe + nourish skin (+ hair), while evening skin tone + reducing the appearance of age spots.  ILA + AVA absolutely loves the scent of jasmine, + with its soft, delicate scent has been chosen for the ‘nourish face cream’ + ‘glow body oil’.



‘simmondsia chinensis’

jojoba is the closest oil to the skins sebum production giving it its remarkable moisturizing benefits. it contains many essential fatty acids, vitamins + powerful antioxidants. naturally gentle + non-irritating qualities make it great for all skin types, soothing sensitive skin, hydrating dry skin, balancing oily skin + assisting the healing of acne + breakouts. this luxurious oil is a liquid wax ester released from the female jojoba shrubs beans.  although native to southern California, southern Arizona + north-western Mexico, the plants beans are distributed + pressed in other locations.  with its naturally silky, odourless + non-allergic qualities, jojoba oil promotes healthy skin by maintaining + stabilizing the intercellular structure.  ILA + AVA uses an organic jojoba oil in the ‘nourish face cream’, ‘glow body oil’,  ‘restore night oil’ + restore face oil'  * organic used




‘terminalia ferdinandiana’

this Australian native plant, found in the northern regions, has adapted to the harsh + persistent sun exposure of its area.  kakadu plum contains the highest concentration of nutrient available vitamin C in the world, which acts as a free radical scavenger to protect the skin.  used topically it protects the dermis from degradation while stimulating collagen + hyaluronic acid to help reduce wrinkles, protect against UV damage and improve skin texture.  it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties which strongly increase collagen synthesis, reduce hyper pigmentation and enhance skin radiance + resilience.  ILA + AVA uses an Australian made liquid extract of kakadu plum, preserved with natural ingredients, found in the ‘hydrate toner mist’, ‘nourish face cream’ + ‘salt scrub + soak’.  other names for this plant fruit include: gubinge, billygoat plum, green plum, salty plum, murunga / mador.  it is a flowering plant of the combretaceae family, widespread throughout the tropical woodlands, from eastern Arnhem land to northwestern Australia.  ** organic + Australian used





this wonderful purple flowering plant is well known.  with strong healing properties for various skin disorders including psoriasis, wrinkles, acne + other inflammatory conditions, lavender has antibacterial qualities which penetrate deep to clean out pores + help prevent + heal breakouts.  the unique floral scent is deeply calming + relaxing + soothing for a good nights sleep.   ILA + AVA uses subtle amount of an organic lavender essential oil for these properties in the ‘glow body oil’, ‘refresh deo balm’, ‘restore night oil’ + 'restore face oil'   * organic used



this fresh smelling herb belongs to the poaceae grass family.  it has a light fresh lemony scent with earthy undertones, + is has countless healing + culinary uses.  as an essential oil, lemongrass has a stimulating, soothing, relaxing + balancing effect.  it is also contains anti-fungal, insecticidal, antiseptic + anti-inflammatory properties with some antioxidant benefits too.  rich in essential vitamins + minerals it’s a great herb to introduce more of into your cooking + skin routine.  its strong detoxifying + muscle relaxing qualities are utilized by ILA + AVA in the ‘salt scrub + soak’, while its incredibly refreshing scent + anti bacterial properties are put to good use in the ‘refresh deo balm’.  ILA + AVA uses an Indian grown lemongrass essential oil (from personal travels to india this is the favoured origin for lemongrass).




‘macadamia ternifolia’

the ultimate oil for skin care, the macadamia is native to Australia.  unlike other oils, this doesn’t clog pores while still providing rich healing, anti-aging + anti-inflammatory benefits. due to its phenolic compounds, macadamia oil also has anti-bacterial + antifungal properties. regarded as a drier oil due to its strong penetrative attributes, it sinks into the skin well without feeling greasy.  high in monounsaturated fatty acids, including omega 9, its strong moisturizing, softening + regenerating qualities are matched with its anti-inflammatory benefits.   ILA + AVA uses an organic Australian macadamia oil in the ‘restore night oil’, ‘salt scrub + soak’, ‘glow body oil’ + ‘refresh deo balm’.  ** organic Australian used



magnesium chloride (much higher grade than Epsom salts), is a macro-mineral meaning the body needs high amounts of it. its very important + plays a huge role in many of the bodys’ functions. transdermal (through the skin) supplementation is much easier absorbed than taken orally with no digestive upset.  found in the 'salt scrub + soak', 'magneium foot soak' + 'magnesium oil'. 



magnesium chloride in the sea water is reacted with lime (calcium oxide) to form the Mg2+ and OH- ions, which precipitate into magnesium hydroxide salt.  with many internal uses as an antacid + laxative.  importantly it is used as an odour neutraliser in the ILA + AVA ‘refresh deo balm’.  *  highest pharmeceutical grade used


found naturally in fruits such as apples, this pure alpha hydroxy fruit acid powder is used as a natural skin rejuvenator.  used in ILA + AVA ‘'radinace body polish soften and soothe' + the 'radiance body polish cleanse and smooth' .



‘althaea officinalis’

considered a natural skin care wonder, marshmallow root is a botanical used in both medicine + skincare.  containing a high percentage of mucilage (viscous or gelatinous solution from plant) it provides intense hydrating, softening + balancing properties.  marshmallow root hydrates the skin while improving its function of retaining moisture.  ILA + AVA utilizes these amazing qualities in an organic powder form in the ‘radiance face polish’.  * organic used




‘citrus aurantium’

steam distilled from the fragrant white flowering blossoms of the orange tree, this oil has an intensely floral, sweet, citrusy + exotic scent.  relaxing + uplifting it is considered effective for scars, stretch marks + mature skin + great for every skin type.  it has strong rejuvenating + regenerating benefits, is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory + antiseptic which add additional healing properties for oily or blemished skin.  ILA + AVA uses an Italian sourced neroli essential oil in the ‘nourish face cream’, ‘refresh deo balm’,  ‘restore night oil' + the 'restore face oil'.






‘carica papaya’

papaya’s enzymes help rejuvenate the skin by removing dead cells while cleansing to clear skin impurities. its vitamin C content helps protect + hydrate for glowing skin.  considered one of the most powerful plant proteolytic enzymes (helps break down dead cells), it assists with moisturizing + preserving the natural barrier function of the epidermis.  as one of the richest sources of antioxidants (20x higher than vit E), papaya contains a myriad of enzymes.  ILA + AVA uses freeze dried papaya flesh powder, from Thailand, to obtain the highest nutrients + benefits.  this powder is found in the ‘radiance face polish’.



'mentha piperita'

the humble peppermint plant delivers a strong + clean scent.  used in a wide range of applications from food to healing, ILA + AVA use a beautiful organically grown peppermint essential oil in the ‘enrich lip balm’.  its refreshing scent invigorates the mind + creates a sense of clarity + peace while the lips are gently plumped by its fresh spiciness, leaving a clean + crisp feeling.  * organic used



‘punica granatum’

renowned to assist with collagen production, pomegranate contains punicic acid, found in the fruits seeds.  this acid boasts as a strong free radical scavenger, boosting the repair + restoration of the skin.  by extending the life of fibroblasts which are responsible for the production of elastin + collagen, pomegranate extract is used to protect the skin against UVB damage + to assist repairing sun damaged + aged skin.  considered an excellent moisturizer, with protective + nourishing benefits, this extract soothes dry, mature + aging skin while supporting its anti-inflammatory functions.  with its plumping properties, the skins elasticity is maintained while minimizing wrinkles.  ILA + AVA uses an organic Australian pomegranate extract in natural preservative, found in the ‘hydrate toner mist’ + the ‘salt scrub + soak’.  ** organic Australian used






‘chamaemelum nobile’

not just a pretty flower, chamomile boasts numerous health benefits.  ILA + AVA uses a high quality essential oil for its calming scent + soothing properties.  used to fight anxiety + depression, reduce insomnia, boost skin health, support digestive health, promote heart health, alleviate PMS symptoms, act as a natural allergy reliever + help relieve arthritic pain, chamomile is a wonderous plant. it is used in numerous of our formulations as a calmative to promote happy + healthy vibes. ILA + AVA uses an Australian sourced roman chamomile oil, which can be found in the ‘glow body oil’, ‘nourish face cream’, ‘restore night oil’, 'resotre face oil'+ ‘botanical perfume oil’.  ^ Australian used


‘rosa canina’

another skin wonder, rosehip oil is pressed from the seed of the wild rose bush, found in the southern andes.  It can also be extracted from another rose bush which grows in many regions of the world.  ILA + AVA uses rosehip oil from the rosa rubiginosa variety grown in chile.  This oil is rich in essential fatty acids + renowned for its antioxidant properties, anti-aging benefits + strong effects on healing scars, wounds, reversing sun damage + pigmentation, wrinkles + brown skin spots.  Containing linoleic + linoleic EFA’s (essential fatty acids), it is packed with naturally occurring vitamin A + E.  these assist in promoting a youthful complexion + supple, replenished skin.  considered as a more astringent oil it is slightly drier leaving no greasy residue but still providing all the benefits of a botanical oil.  ILA + AVA uses high quality organic rose hip oil in the ‘nourish face cream’, ‘glow body oil’,  ‘restore night oil’ + 'restore face oil' * organic used



‘rosa damascena’

also known as ‘rose water’ the beautifully scented floral water has been used traditionally in sacred ceremonies + has long been regarded as a skin care essential.  steam distilled from fresh or dried rose petals, rose hydrosol is nourishing + moisturizing for all skin types.  it helps restore skin radiance + youthfulness + is rich in vitamin C to boost collagen + prevent premature aging.  ILA + AVA uses an organic + preservative free rose hydrosol in the ‘hydrate toner mist’ where in combination with geranium hydrosol + high quality plant extracts its toning qualities are also utilized.  *organic used



‘rosmarinus officinalis’

prevents the oxidation of essential fatty acids in oils. it is an excellent regenerative oil for mature, dry and wrinkle prone skin.  its lipolytic effects make it useful when treating acne and oily skin.  used extensively since ancient times for numerous purposes with many medicinal health boosting properties, it was also used frequently in ceremonies.  its invigorating smell is a favourite in oil burners mixed with sweet orange + is a powerful oil to assist in transitioning through troubling times or seeking clarity.  in skincare it is great for dermatological issues.  ILA + AVA uses rosemary oil to help tone + remove dryness, while giving skin a healthy, even glow + for its amazing scent.  it is found in the ‘salt scrub + soak’, ‘botanical perfume oil’, ‘restore night oil’ + 'restore face oil'.   * organic used



‘salvia officinalis’

with its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiseptic and astringent properties it is an incredible plant.  also beneficial as a skin toner + purifier due to its astringent nature, tightening + gently drying the tissues to assist with preventing + treating wrinkles.  it is non-irritating + non-sensitising, good for acne, dandruff, dermatitis + eczema.  with a pleasant, refreshing, light herbaceous woody scent, it emits a strong spicy, clarifying scent, with cleansing properties, to calm + soothe the skin + the senses.  ILA + AVA uses sage oil in the 'resfresh deo balm', 'radiance body polish cleanse and smooth' + the 'mineral foot soak'.



‘prunis amygdalus dulcis’

with its gentle cleansing properties + high amounts of vitamins, minerals, + monounsaturated fatty acids, sweet almond helps improve skin complexion.  considered a deep skin cleanser, its light texture can easily penetrate the skin, softening + dislodging dirt + debris accumulated on the fine hair follicles + in the skin pores.  also high in vitamin A, using almond oil can prevent blackheads + acne.  originally only native to Mediterranean climates, the almond plant has since been introduced in other parts of the world.  ILA + AVA uses an organic sweet almond oil, found in the ‘nourish face cream’, ‘glow body oil’, ‘enrich lip balm’, ‘botanical perfume oil’ + ‘restore night oil’.  ^ Australian used



‘citrus sinensis’

the essential oil from the sweet orange is antiseptic + anti-inflammatory by nature.  it is known to increase the ability to absorb vitamin c, promote blood flow + collagen production, balance the skins oil production + has skin brightening effects.  its fresh zesty scent is great for mood lifting + refreshing the senses.  ILA + AVA uses an Australian made + sourced sweet orange essential oil, found in the ‘mineral foot soak' + ‘botanical perfume oil’. ^ Australian used








this clear, odourless liquid derived from plants is a common product in cosmetics.   used to combine oil + water ingredients, (+ to keep foods moist), its usual sources are palm, soy + coconut.  * ‘palm free’ + organic used




vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin + usually refers to a group of compounds.  it helps to fight free radicals preventing skin aging + instead promoting youthfulness.  it is high in antioxidants + as such supports new cell growth + cell regeneration.  ILA + AVA use a GMO free product in the ‘enrich lip balm’ where it is most suitable due to its thicker consistency.  much higher antioxidant powered ingredients with finer consistencies are used in the creams + oils of the ILA + AVA range.  this is one type of product that can contain many hidden GMO variations of tocopherol in the one ‘vitamin E’ ingredient. 

* GMO version used




the shell of the walnut, when finely ground, makes a great natural skin exfoliator.  gently helping to slough away dead skin cells, this powder can help achieve smoother, softer skin with a brighter + even skin tone.  many cleansers + scrubs contain harsh chemicals which are very detrimental to our skin, our health + our oceans + environment.  please choose your products carefully + always check the ingredients + their hidden names.  ILA + AVA uses fine walnut shell powder in the ‘radiance face polish’.   use this polish 1-2 times per week + always only exfoliate by gently rubbing the polish.  greater benefits are achieved by doing your skin routine gently + not overdoing it, which will allow the skin to function as nature intended.    


'hamamelis virginiana'

with its soothing + antiseptic properties, witch hazel is natures toner.  it stimulates the skin, reduces mild inflammation + skin irritation.  used for its softening qualities it is especially useful on oily blemished skin. 

the true witch hazel extract used by ILA + AVA has been distilled containing 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol.  found in the ‘hydrate toner mist’.  * organic used






'cananga odorata'

this essential oil is created by steam distilling the fresh star shaped flowers of the tropical ylang ylang tree.  used extensively in perfumery + aromatherapy, it has been used for centuries in ceremonies.  its sweet, rich + spicy aroma reduces stress + tension + promotes positivity.  it is great in skincare due to its nourishing + protective properties to promote the appearance of healthy skin + hair.  ILA + AVA uses a high quality ylang ylang oil produced in France, in the ‘botanical perfume oil’.


ZINC OXIDE  (non-nano particles)

with the broadest UV protective spectrum, zinc oxide is considered an excellent sunscreen.  it cannot be absorbed into the blood unlike petroleum based sunscreen chemicals.  staying on the surface of the skin where it is needed most, it effectively provides a layer of protection against damaging UV rays.  although ILA + AVA uses zinc oxide + other nature derived ingredients which help prevent sun damage, ILA + AVA strongly advises other approved sun protective measures to be taken.





these are a type of preservative first used in the 1950’s.  their function of preventing the growth of mould + bacteria mean they are common in many foods + beauty products.  the word ‘paraben’ will rarely be listed.  instead look out for these commonly found parabens: butylparaben, methylparaben + propylparaben.  ILA + AVA does not use parabens.  great care has been taken to formulate the products so artificial preservatives are not needed.  once water is in a product bacteria + mould can start growing.  other ways products can spoil is by contamination.  ILA + AVA has intentionally ensured water containing products are in pump form, minimizing contact from the outside world into their containers, as well as using distilled water, which has no impurities, minimizing bacterial growth.  natural botanical ingredients known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal + natural preservative functions have been added.  as a result ILA + AVA products still have a good shelf life, however it may be less than commercial products which are filled with chemicals, not good for you or our environment, and with many forms of chemicals usually tested on animals.



polyethylene glycol (PEG), comes in many forms followed by many varying numbers in skincare.  some reports suggest it is a carcinogenic petroleum ingredient, with some forms used in spray on oven cleaners + cleansers to dissolve oil + grease.  there are varying reports, concerns + views, however it is certain that PEG’s are synthetically produced + not that great for our health + therefore also our environment.  PEG’s are not a definitive chemical entity, they are a mixture of compounds that have been bonded together.  polyethylene is the most common form of plastic, which forms a thick sticky liquid when combined with glycol.  they are used as they can function as emoillents (help soften + lubricate the skin), as emulsifiers (help water + oil combine) and to deliver other ingredients deeper into the skin.

ILA + AVA have researched the ingredients + sources used in all the formulations to avoid the use of these harsh chemicals.  instead nature provides a huge array of plant sourced ingredients that do an even better job + are actually good for us + our planet.  ILA + AVA uses oliveM 1000 emulsifying wax, which is vegan + solely made from olives. 


what is the concern with palm oil.  palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit of the African oil palm tree.  although originally from west Africa, these palms can flourish in the right conditions with heat + abundant rainfall.  today 85% of all global palm oil is produced + exported from Indonesia + Malaysia, majority of the time not enforcing sustainable measures.   the palm oil industry is linked to major environmental + animal welfare issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, animal cruelty, climate change + abuse of indigenous rights.   as land must be cleared for the development of these oil palm plantations there is a trail of destruction left.  according to the WWF (world wildlife fund) and area the size of 300 football fields of pristine rainforest is cleared every hour to prepare for new palm plantations.   obviously this impact has devastating effects not just on our environment but the native animals inhabiting these areas, with many species being pushed to extinction. 


palm oil is secretly hidden in a wide variety of products disguised as (vegetable oil).   it is considered approximately 40-50% of household products in developed countries like Australia, contain palm oil!.  products include baked goods, confectionery, cosmetics, cleaning agents, washing detergents, toothpaste + shampoo. 


palm oil contains a high proportion of saturated fat, which is unusual as majority of vegetable oils do not.  (excluding coconut oil).  it is important to know that it is not mandatory to label ‘palm oil’ as an ingredient.  there are literally hundreds of names palm oil can be hidden under as other ingredients.  to find out more + stay up to date with this important issue please visit https://www.palmoilinvestigations.org/names-for-palm-oil.html.

* ILA + AVA uses organic ‘palm free’ vegetable glycerin + pure olive derived emulsifying wax.