the story

ILA + AVA is a handmade Australian botanical skin care range, made in Noosa, by me, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  harnessing the power of plants, these luxe minimalist products are designed to help highlight our natural beauty while supporting conscious living.  ILA means ‘the earth’ in sanskrit (indian) while AVA means ‘the living one’ in latin.  this signifies the fusion of the east + west while acknowledging our strong connection to mother nature, to produce this conscious skincare with all the benefits. 


the first visions for ILA + AVA started over 6 years ago.  a childhood influenced by herbal medicine from my fathers passionate work, my own professional background as a herbalist + worldly travels learning about natural therapies, combined with my love of nature, animals, yoga + creating set the momentum.  my personal search for high quality, pure + natural skincare with awareness of important environmental + animal welfare issues encouraged me to create my own products.  the more I researched other brands + ingredients the stronger I saw the need for ILA + AVA.  countless trials, testing, hours of thinking, researching + envisaging has led me to create this skin care range that fulfills the five facets I believe are important for any products we put on our skin: high quality, cruelty free + only plant derived , beautifully enticing natural scents, modern packaging that looks good + is not over whelming, it feels great when applied + it benefits my skin. 


the products

I have designed the ILA + AVA range for all skin types.  with focus on enhancing our natural beauty, the unique formulations, based on ancient plant knowledge combined with modern scientific findings, encourage the skin to function as nature intended, helping to balance the skin + assist in repair + rejuvenation.  with a minimalist approach to natural skincare, the products are quick + easy to use while containing only high quality + beneficial ingredients. 


great thought + dedication to this range has created a simple yet effective daily routine to help promote healthy glowing skin.  the products are designed to help skin imbalances therefore specific 'skin type' formulations have been avoided.  a high quality bamboo cleansing cloth also takes the place of a traditional 'cleanser' to more naturally clean the skin without stripping the natural oils + healthy skin bacteria which can lead to 'imbalancing' the skins functions.  I avoid common lab-produced + synthetic ingredients which may seem appealing + 'modern' + instead use natures resources in their rawest forms.  with a minimalist intention, the ILA + AVA range aims to make skincare simple, yet provide all the benefits. 

the focus

with big love + respect for our environment, big blue planet + all creatures great + small, ILA + AVA uses only plant derived, high quality + minimally interfered with ingredients.  my concern for animal welfare has been a huge pivoting point from the initial stages.  the range is 100% vegan, does not contain any animal products + absolutely does not condone animal testing of ANY of the ingredients used or for the finished products.  the packaging is kept to a minimum, with glass chosen as the main component for its true recycling properties, while hemp + bamboo are used for their amazing natural qualities + environmentally sustainable benefits.  it is with great intention + detail that this range supports + encourages conscious living so we remember that our small day to day actions can make a big difference + ensure we all play our part in protecting our

environment for future generations to enjoy.

I truly hope you enjoy the ILA + AVA range as much as i enjoy using it myself + enjoy

creating it to share the love. may all beings be happy

miriam x

founder of ILA + AVA

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